The hereinafter referred to as “vehicle” will refer to Coop. Auto Blu cars and minivans, where passengers will travel; “service” will indicate the activity handled by the society; “baggage” will refer to all items carried by the passenger during the travel.

Customers should be in possess of a valid booking form, and in order to access transport services they need to keep it with themselves during the travel. The travel will be considered concluded once passengers have left the vehicle. For roundtrips, the travel will be considered concluded once left the return trip vehicle.

Offered Sevices
On their vehicles Soc. Coop. Auto Blu will transport only passengers with a valid voucher that has to be provided when required. The voucher can only be used by the buyer, and can’t be transferred to other people.

Passengers with special needs:
Passengers with special needs not communicating their conditions when booking, may meet no conditions to access the service.

Unaccompanied children
Soc. Coop. Auto Blu doesn’t offer a service for unaccompanied minors (children aged under 18). Accompany and other special services, are not offered. Minors are required to travel with the presence of a legal guardian, aged more than 18, and are required to book two tickets.
For children aged under 6, it should be required the car seat when booking; it will cost an extra 5 euros.  Please, let us know before travelling with your children.
Small animals
Soc. Coop. Auto Blu is not supposed to transport animals, with the exception of guide dogs for blind people. It could be asked if your pet could be allowed on board of our vehicles, contacting us in advance via email:

Access and details
Each passenger is allowed to carry four medium bags/trolleys, if more space should be required it can be requested in advance of booking; otherwise it could be impossible to allow your baggage. When booking, it is required to indicate if you are carrying your ski or any other sport equipment of relevant dimensions.

Soc. Coop. Auto Blu is not responsible under any circumstances liable beyond their reasonable control. An example of events beyond the reasonable control include: war or threat of road, accidents on service routes, exceptional and adverse weather conditions, car crashes and / or damages to stations, vandal acts, terrorism, unexpected traffic jams, local riots or tumults, etc.
All cars are insured, both for passengers and drivers, and legally authorised to work.

Passengers behaviour
on board it is strictly forbidden to:

Transfer to the airport:
Choose your transfer in time for being at the terminal at least two hours in advance of your departure time, in order to have all the needed time for check-in and other procedures. The service includes 55 minutes wait after the arrival of the plane; after 1 hour an extra fee will be applied, and it will be paid to the driver. 

After two hours if there should be no messages from the passenger, the driver will be free to leave and the service won’t be refund.
Soc. Coop. Auto Blu is not responsible for any circumstances beyond their reasonable control, like car accidents, or heavy traffic. We invite you to respect the indicated times, and to book a transfer to be punctual for the check-in.

Baggage details:
Fragile items, such as electronic devices, tvs, radios, are allowed when of a reasonable size. Small musical instruments like guitars, violins, cellos and violas, are allowed on board only when the seat should be reserved and the required fee is paid. Wheelchairs and other vehicles for passenger with handicaps, are allowed for free, but should be previously communicated.

Forbidden baggage:
We are not allowed to carry: weapons, knives, sharp objects, explosives, chemical substances, solvents (excepted medicines), toxic or infecting substances, like rat poisons, infected blood, radioactive materials, corrosive substances like mercury, vehicle batteries or any other item the society may consider dangerous, which may cause injuries or may be considered unappropriated due to special size, shape, materials or conditions. If the said forbidden items should be found as baggage, they should immediately be removed. Soc. Coop. Auto Blu can always refuse baggage if when checked shouldn’t meet previously indicated specifics.

Identification and packaging of baggage:
Baggage must be properly packed and labelled, indicating passengers and owners full name, address and telephone numbers. Baggage, exception for hand luggage, must be properly stowed in the specific compartment.

Hand luggage:
Hand luggage must be accommodated by the passenger once on board, and stowed before leaving. The luggage should not exceed the recommended size. Passengers are invited no to exceed baggage limits.

Conditions for changing route or cancelling your booking
Route amending
Changes on the booked service can be done sending us an email at – until 24 hours before the service-  and a refund may be asked. Any changing inquiry not meeting such requirements, may be left unprocessed.

Cancelling your booking
If you meet any problem during your transfer, these should be underlined sending us an email at, providing your reservation number.

Our fees include also:
10% VAT taxes, highways and parking fees.
General Conditions
Soc. Coop. Auto Blu offers chauffeurs services, allowing customers to book in advance through their web-site, and get special offers. Services are easily described, and vehicles are presented using prototypes pictures to give an idea of the fleet. The vehicle may not be the same you will find in said pictures, but it will be the same model, brand and colour.

Your booking will be confirmed only once received a positive answer from – which will be confirmed only if all details, payment method included, will be provided. A voucher will be sent to the customer, providing all travel details.

All services are exclusively offered by Soc. Coop. Auto Blu, and its partners, with same professional specific preparation.

All services offered by Soc. Coop. Auto Blu are provided by highly professional staff, and on board of vehicles, legally authorised. For using Soc. Coop. Auto Blu through, customers are required to read all the above details concerning rules and recommended behaviour, which are part of the contract.

This is to inform you on service conditions and  privacy policies, and on how personal details communicated during your booking procedure are treated and shared with third parties.

When booking our services, terms and conditions will be agreed.