Discover the unique beauty of Vatican City

Year after year, Vatican City continues to be visited, and more than 8 million people have already been there. With this tour, you will visit one of the most beautiful and charming places in the world, rich in history, culture and art. Discover the magnificence of Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica and Vatican Museums. Discover the Pietà and the self portrait of Michelangelo; Bernini’s San Pietro square and Raphael’s Rooms (Stanze of Raphael); the gallery of Candelabra, and much more. The tour requires to cover long distances walking, so it is suggested to wear comfortable shoes. It is strictly forbidden to visit the Vatican City for inappropriately dressed visitors, wearing shorts, low cut or sleeveless clothing or mini-skirts.


Private tour Saint Peter basilica
Private tour Sistine Chapel in Rome
Private tour Vatican Museums Rome

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What’s included

  • Bottled water on board
  • Road toll and fuel
  • Child seats (upon request)

What’s NOT included

  • Ticket for churchs/archeological sites
  • Tour guide
  • Lunch/Dinner

Cancellation policy

  • Up to 1 day in advance
  • Cancel your reservation to
    or (+39) 339.12.41.890
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